“8 Mile” movie review

Eminem takes his first stab at an acting career in his highly anticipated new movie, “8 Mile”, and the entertainment community is excited about the rapper broadening his horizons. Although the rapper stresses that the situations in the film are fictional, he does admit there are some similarities in the instances the characters face. I believe watching this film helps the viewer understand the kind of life Eminem had and better establishes a connection with the famous artist. The movie starts off slow. You first find yourself wondering what is going on because the characters are not saying much, but as the movie progresses Eminem’s character, Bunny Rabbit, becomes more open and lets his personality shine as he struggles with stage fright. Bunny Rabbit is forced to endure several hardships throughout the movie that seem rather depressing, but help set the mood for the whole movie. It seems as though B. Rabbit cannot get a break, even though his friends are relentlessly trying to help him. I find this situation annoying because no matter how much encouragement they seem to give him, he cannot bring himself to perform to his potential.The plot then starts to intensify as the character realizes what he has to do in order to succeed in one of his “battles” and blows the competition away with exciting rhymes and raps. The film becomes entertaining and you find yourself singing along with the characters, but just as soon as the movie became good, the movie stops. I was left wanting more and the audience felt the same. Although it seems Eminem is confident in front of the camera, the supporting cast carries him through the movie. The director did an excellent job of presenting the audience with the different characters and the setting in the movie. Good story, good movie, but a bad ending.

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