A Houstonian Editorial

In recent issues, several stories have run focusing on race related issues. Todays lead story is one of these stories. We at the Houstonian feel that diversity is important. As members of the paper, we constantly try to cover every aspect of the student body including different races and age groups. Unfortunately, sometimes some sects of the population demand more attention and because of the circumstances we grant that space. Yet, we stand firmly in our ideals that everyone is equal. We feel diversity is extremely important and we wish our campus was a more diversified place. We have a large minority population at this university which opens doors of cultural learning. Yet, we ignore these facts and segregate ourselves, many years after everyone was declared “equal.” As students we are disturbed by the fact that the mall area is so segregated in itself. Each different group stands to one side and few people venture from group to group. Even after all of these years, black, white, Asian and Hispanic students are still sticking with their own. This disturbs us. We understand that cultural similarities make people comfortable with people of the same races, yet we are never going to find cultural similarities in people of other races if we do not venture out of what is comfortable and familiar. The Houstonian will continue to try to provide equal coverage to our diversified campus. All we ask in return is for our campus to respect each other regardless of skin color.

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