Abortion is murder

There are very few things that I can get angry enough about to form my thoughts into words and then actually voice them. Abortion is definitely one of them. How can this even be a debate? We’re not talking about some plastic object. We’re talking about a life, and a human life at that. Believe what you want, but the fact is that life begins at conception. There’s no denying that. It’s been scientifically proven that once the sperm meets the egg, there is a being with its own DNA, its own blood type (which can be different than the mother’s, proving an individual identity) and at one point, its own fingerprints. Basically, anything and everything needed by a cop to identify a suspect in a case, is there in the mother’s womb at the exact second of conception.And no matter what you tell yourself to justify abortion, it is still murder. People get mad at a girl who went through labor, killed her baby and threw it in a dumpster. These people want that girl to go to jail, but those same people do nothing to another girl who decides to kill her baby before the labor process. What’s the difference? Both girls were killing innocent children except one difference is that one was in the body and the other was outside. Then, just until recently, there were some states that allowed partial birth abortion, which is where they deliver the head, inject a poison, then finish with the delivery of the dead child. This is just plain sick! How those people can live with themselves is beyond my comprehension. What’s worse is when there were some cases in which the child did not die instantly, and the doctors simply set it aside to let it die alone. Ever hear of a little thing called “cruel and unusual punishment”? If nothing else, I think this is as close to that as possible.An argument that I often hear, though, is pro-choice. “It’s the woman’s body and her right to choose.” I believe the “choice” that she made was to have premarital sex. I am also a strong believer in “True Love Waits”, which is abstinence until marriage, but at the same time, I know people, particularly college students, just don’t care. You may not be a Christian or believe in the same God as I do, but sex before marriage is a sin and with sins come consequences. Why else are there sexually transmitted diseases in the world? They just simply would not be here if people kept sex for marriage alone. But if people want to ignore that fact and have sex anyway, that’s their choice, but once you do, it’s now out of your hands and into God’s. If God wants that person to get pregnant, whether or not she uses protection, she will. And God then has a plan for that child, just as He has a plan for every mistake a person makes for His good. What if the child you decided to abort could have been the one person in this world to cure the AIDS virus (which as I stated before, would not be around if it weren’t for people having premarital sex, but that’s another issue). But now we’ll never know, will we? And all this, simply because that girl didn’t want the social “inconvenience” of being pregnant or having a child on her hands. If that’s the case, give the child up for adoption. So many families spend years on waiting lists for those “inconveniences” that mean nothing to other people.And what if your parents decided to abort you? What would the world be like without you? One thing is for sure, you wouldn’t be here to have this freedom to debate this very topic. Finally, in reference to the situation that brought this issue to discussion: yes, the pictures are gruesome, but they do have an effect on people. There was a girl last year who was considering abortion and then she saw those pictures. She changed her mind, had the baby and has been happy ever since. Besides, some people are just so ignorantly blind that it actually takes something so shocking to open their eyes. Words are simply not enough. In fact, I’m sure my words here won’t make much of a difference in some people that are so set in their ways. But the truth of the matter is that those pro-life people have just as much right to be there promoting their beliefs as those that are pro-choice or those sororities and fraternities having their bake sales in the Mall Area. It’s freedom of speech and we all have that to an extent, basically to the point of infringing on other’s rights. If those commercials about cigarettes with the body bags around the tobacco companies offend you, you learn to change the channel or leave the room. The same applies here. If the pictures offend you, avoid the area, find another way to class, walk away or simply don’t look. It’s that simple. It’s the truth. It hurts. Deal with it.

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