Abuse of Power

The political agenda of the Republican Party, in attempting to manipulate facts and impede the paths of justice inherent within our democratic institutions, will not succeed!

Within the cover story of a war against terrorism rests one enormous single truth.

The Republican Party is caught red-handed and directly responsible in shifting massive amounts of US tax dollars ( government contracts ) into the private coffers that fund the political agenda of the Republican Party, its financial backers, and those who profit from war.

Under cover of war, a successful revolving door of subversion is the entrance to the Bush Administration, Iran/Contra style. The neo-conservative agents within the Republican Party are known by name. They are the authors of “The Project for a New American Century”, they are the Presidential cabinet of advisors.

The United States Congress, at this juncture, represents nothing other than “abdication in the face of subversion.”

This Bush Administration will face a Grand Jury investigation, trial and sentencing, as did Iran/Contra criminals of the Reagan/Bush era. Of this there can be no doubt.

George W. Bush et al, are wanted for treason.

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