Agrees with X

As an African-American woman, I have nothing negative to say about minister Quanell X. Standing before me was a man of great passion, intellect and pride. Simply stated he is a true warrior. He does not teach hate for other races, he teaches love, pride, and accepting one’s self-heritage.

One cannot love anyone unless first learning to love one’s self and one’s people. To understand Quanell X is to fully understand the black experience in America.

He is not someone who just rants and raves; he is a man who exercises his Constitutional right to freedom of speech. When an intelligent black man in a suit speaks on political issues he is perceived as ranting, raving and causing trouble, however, when a white man in a suit speaks on the issue we elect him to positions such as the Congress and the Presidency.

America cannot truly be a democratic society, if its citizens are told to shut up, sit down and just hold hands. Should America just shut up and hold hands with Iraq out of Christian morality?

Some people get so upset when black people speak about the injustices of the past and present, slavery, Jim Crow Laws, the Jasper dragging, KKK rallies in Conroe (to name a few), because they don’t want to accept how awful minorities are treated and have been treated in this country.

It is ironic to me that these are also the same people who teach minorities to turn the other cheek to the sins they commit, but are quick to persecute and harass those people who they think have wronged them.

People are afraid of the truth, and that cannot be the case if we in the 21st century are moving toward a society that contains true equality. Americans must be open minded, remembering our past and present so maybe one day there will be no need for the Huey P. Newton’s, Malcolm X’s and the Quanell X’s, so called ranting and raving.

If racism didn’t or doesn’t exist there would be no need for one to speak out on racism. Let’s keep it real, and just because a person speaks about racism and is opinionated in doing so does not mean that he is a racist.

To Ms. Doyle who wrote in Tuesday’s newspaper you said you went to X’s speech open minded, yet you still came out blind. When you said people were ignorantly cheering for Mr. X, you just were witnessing a people that have been oppressed and worn down. People such as yourself, are close minded and not accepting of the truth, but don’t worry as a Christian I will pray for you.

Remember this,you will alwaysbe offended, shocked and apalled as longasthere are African-American men andwomen, such as myself,who refuse to turn the other cheek whilewe are constantlybeing slapped in the face by the hands of rich,white, America.

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