Alumni applauds minority RTV student

I would like to applaud Nadia Musallam for stepping up and obviously recognizing that she’s found a home in the Radio-TV department. As a former student and a proud alumni of the RTV department, I am also a ‘minority’…and I was a very active member of our department, and none of my professors were minorities, but one thing stands true…you get what you put in!! You choose your path in college, and its exactly what you make of it. I have Dr. MaryJo Cochran, Paul MacArthur, Jeff Spurlock, Rob Prisco, Craig Stark and Tony DeMars for being such great mentors in my life and leading me in the right direction.I had the best experience in college and most of it has to do with being a part of the radio-television family…a family that I am still a part of today and always will be. I continue to support the up and coming students that walk the halls of the Dan Rather Communications Building. I also make it a point to speak at the annual leadership conferences. I encourage the ‘minority’ students who feel they’re not getting what they deserve to come speak to me. I’m an RTV Alum, Class of 1999, a minority and have a career as a news reporter and anchor…thanks to my RTV family!

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