Appalled at “The Laramie Project” editorial

I was appalled at the nonsense I read recently in the Houstonian entitled, “Is ‘The Laramie Project’ like Huntsville?” In this article, a Mr. Joseph Hill compares the cultural relations of Huntsville to those of Laramie, Wyo.I don’t disagree that what happened to Matthew Shepard in Laramie was a tragedy; by no means am I undermining that fact. However, I am inclined to disagree with some of the points Mr. Hill makes and from here on, I will refer to him in the second person.First of all, your misinformed view about religion and homosexuality is just the kind of liberal propaganda I’ve come to expect from this section of the paper. You bring up the age of the Bible and suggest that, since people have changed, they should be able to simply manipulate their beliefs to suit their needs. Nonsense. There is no process by which you amend the Ten Commandments, Mr. Hill. And Mary Magdalene was never specifically labeled a prostitute, nor was she “accepted” as such. She was “forgiven.” Nowhere in the Bible does it say Jesus “accepted” prostitution. Furthermore, who are you, Mr. Hill, to judge what Jesus “would have had a problem with?” The fact that you can say that, in good conscience, is beyond me. You cannot deny that homosexuality is unnatural. Not only is it non-productive in the procreation of our species, but it has been largely attributed to the spread of AIDS as well. Consider this: how many cases of AIDS, or any other sexually transmitted disease for that matter, have there ever been between a man and a woman who abstained from sex until they were married? None. Perhaps there is value to what the Bible teaches after all; imagine that.Homosexuality should remain socially unacceptable; it should remain taboo. I don’t want my children growing up in a world where the term “sexual preference” is thrown around as if it were a choice as inconsequential as,” Would you like fries with that?” Are you, Mr. Hill, honestly at ease with the concept of your son or daughter reading about “Jack and Bill going up the hill?”Homosexuality is wrong, and I will be thoroughly surprised if the Houstonian has the intestinal fortitude to print this article.

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