Art auction draws in over $5,000

After a five year rest, the SHSU Art Auction made a comeback April 12, raising $5,200 to benefit the students in the department.

The auction held at Richmond Hall served as a fundraiser for the Student Scholarship Endowment Fund, said Marie Weichman, visiting assistant professor of ceramics.

According to Weichman, all artwork at the Art Auction was created and donated by students, faculty and alumni. The donated pieces were sold to the highest bidder and the proceeds were then divided between the parties participating.

Students kept 60 percent of the profit, and the remaining 40 percent was divided between the Student Art Association and the SHSU Clay Club.

“I donated pieces and clay,” Weichman said.

One of her donations, a bowl, was raffled as a door prize. Other door prizes included a necklace piece donated by Jim Barker and a drawing by Chuck Drunn.

Items for auction started of at a minimum of $10 and the highest auction prize had a starting bid of $500.

“Staff member Michael Collins donated a small frame print that was sold at the minimal bid price of $500,” Weichman said.

She said items placed for the minimal price of $10 sold for $15 to $30 apiece.

The original Art Auction began in 1985, and was held annually until five years ago. Weichman was part of the founding class of the Art Auction.

“This year’s revival of the auction was partially in memory of the original founder of the auction Ken Zonker,” Weichman said.

Zonker died due to cancer a year ago. The auction marked the one-year anniversary of his death.

Weichman said the event was very successful.

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