Artist presents slideshow of ceramics, photography

“The Ordinary is quite extraordinary,” was the phrase Professor Lynn Duryea used as she presented a slide lecture of her work last Wednesday in the Art History Auditorium.A visiting assistant professor of, Duryea showed a series of slides that showcased her work in ceramics as well as photography. She began by showing her piece titled, “Absence Presence,” that was showcased at the Gallery in University of Florida.Duryea presented multiple slides of ceramic plates she has made throughout her career. Each plate represented a different theme and mirrored some images of particular quilts. “My plates were inspired by quilts,” Duryea said. “Each plate represented the relationship with form, color and structure and how they relate to each other.”Throughout her presentation, Duryea showed slides of many pictures that she has taken during her trip to northern New Mexico. Using her camera to capture specific buildings and scenic routes, Duryea said that she used her camera numerous of times throughout her trip. “I work a lot with my camera and used it as a tool and record things that are interesting to me, and I can go back and look at them later for inspiration for my work,” Duryea said.Her most memorable experience during her trip to northern New Mexico was working with people who were HIV Positive. She was able to work with people who were ill and provided them a way to express themselves through a variety of art at a Watershed.”It was a residency program where I worked with therapists and artists,” Duryea said. ” It was a chance for people to come together and work and see the healing potential and creativity.”Duryea has an bachelor’s degree in history at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, Graduate work in art history at NYU and received a master’s in fine arts at the University of Florida.

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