Be part of something Sam

Thursday night is one of the biggest games of the season for the men’s basketball team. Southwest Texas is traveling to Johnson Coliseum in hopes of sweeping the Kats.

We need to show up and support the Bearkats in their effort to avenge one of their two conference losses. It is our chance to prove why home court advantage is so important.

Duke has the Cameron Crazies and Texas A&M has the Reed Rowdies. Do we want to be known as the Coliseum Cowards? I was thinking more along the lines of the Huntsville Hecklers or something.

The point is that Johnson Coliseum holds 6,110 screaming fans, yet the home basketball games only average 1,758 in attendance. To put it in simpler terms, that is equal to 4,352 empty seats per home game.

The average attendance for away games is 2,895. Does this mean that other schools have more pride than we do? It appears that way.

Sam Houston is currently in first place in the Southland Conference. Let me say that again. First place! There is a good reason for coming. Can any other SLC school say that their school is in first place?

We all have friends that go to rival schools and this is a chance to rub it in their faces, to cheer on our basketball team that we know is better than theirs. We don’t need giveaways or fancy lights, because what happens on the court is far better than any of that.

So hop on the bandwagon because there is plenty of room. You can study before and after the game. This is the perfect opportunity to be part of something Sam.

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