Bearkat OneCard

Dear Editor,Thank you for your coverage of the new Bearkat OneCard. We certainly appreciate it. Unfortunately, the article that appeared was not entirely accurate. The new Bearkat OneCard IS NOT A CREDIT CARD and cannot be used as a credit card. In fact, even on the activation sticker that is attached to the card it states plainly “This is NOT a credit card.” Higher One and SHSU have worked very hard to educate Sam Houston students, faculty, staff, and parents that the new ID is a debit card and not a credit card. We are very conscious of the problems of student debt and this is the reason that the product is debit based. Troy Voelker, the Bearkat OneCard director, and I are always available to answer any questions your reporters may have about the program and I hope that with future articles the fact that the card is NOT A CREDIT CARD will be conveyed to your readers.

Sincerely,Sean GlassVP MarketingHigher One

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