Ben and Jerry’s new flavor full of “Ka-Berry Ka-blum”

There is not a doubt that the experts at Ben & Jerry’s know what they are doing when trying to satisfy the world’s sweet tooth. One taste and I was mesmerized.

The bite after this one and the next only reassured me that my first thought that this tasty treat made my world spin, was true!

I must admit that I am not a person who frequently eats Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, but I do eat ice cream often enough to know which ones have the power to gratify the stomach, mouth, tongue, and soul. And I can testify that Ka-Berry Ka-Blam, which I had the privilege of tasting, is this type of ice cream. Any sane person must agree with me. There is such a mixture of – I don’t know what – Heaven – that I believe, no I know, there is something in each scoop to offer happiness to every single mouth that can find enough money to buy it.

Allow me to describe it, if I can do it justice

Who can deny this mixture of vanilla ice cream with chunks of rich strawberries, sprinkled with little delightful chocolates? And then if it’s possible to get better, these small chocolates crunch with a fizzy sensation on your tongue. These leave your mouth screaming for another scoop of this new treasure one calls, Ka-Berry, Ka-Blam. Only a fool could refuse this appetizing delicacy.

One maybe thinks, Oui, it’s possible that she thinks this ice cream hung the moon, but it’s only the opinion of one person – but wait. I asked a friend to try it and after she thought a moment – she wants to keep in shape – she dipped her spoon in my new found delight and she didn’t stop there. Oh no, oh l l, her eyes smiled and once again, she tasted Ka-Berry Ka-Blam.

My suggestion: find a little log cabin in the middle of the French Alps – if this is possible of course – curl up in front of the fire and share it someone you love!

Bon apptit!

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