Board makes decision on name change

With all the attention surrounding Southwest Texas State University’s possible name change, Bearkats can sleep easy knowing Sam Houston State University will keep its name.

University President James Gaertner announced Wednesday that the consideration to change the name of Sam Houston State University to Texas State University – Sam Houston, was declined by the Texas State Board of Regents.

The Regents met by telephone conference call to consider possible action concerning the bill to change the name of Southwest Texas State University to: Texas State University – San Marcos. The system presidents also participated in the call.

“There was quite a bit of sentiment out there,” Gaertner said. “The Board of Regents are smart people and they made the right decision. The Regents knew I was strongly opposed to a change. Students, faculty, alumni and staff were opposed to a change so I’m glad nothing changed.”

Gaertner thanked people both on and off campus who provided him with their concerns about the possible name change.

“I was able to pass along that information on, and it was considered during the Regents’ deliberations,” he said in his e-mail to the university community. “In my judgment, we did what we truly considered to be in the best interest of Sam Houston State, and I deeply appreciate your efforts and support.”

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