Broken water main leaves students and staff dry

Students and staff at some of Sam Houston State University’s academic buildings and dormitories were surprised Tuesday morning when they turned on their faucets and nothing came out.A broken water main near the east end of campus caused much of the university to be without water or with extremely low water pressure Tuesday and Wednesday. Huntsville Water Systems began receiving calls at 5:15 a.m. Tuesday morning regarding the lack of water. The water company was able to determine that a line had broken underneath the driveway of one of the apartments between Bowers Boulevard and Sam Houston Avenue.”There was a mark in the line, and a crack inside of the mark,” said Randy Brown with Huntsville Water Systems. “It looked like something hit the pipe.”Brown said that there is no telling exactly how the pipe, which was between 3-4 feet deep into the ground, cracked.”It’s hard to tell and hard to do an examination on it,” Brown said. “The impression in the pipe looks like it might have had to do with setting up water pressure in the line. That might have contributed to the break.”Brown also mentioned that the line was an old cast-iron pipe design, although the specific date the pipe was made or installed is unknown. Students in living in dormitories and apartments were the hardest hit by the broken line. Many were unable to take showers or use their sinks.One RA at an SHSU residence hall, who wanted to remain anonymous for job security reasons, said that some students living in dorms are either without water or with very low water pressure. “It’s been a day or two since we’ve had water,” he said. “It’s not on all of the floors, though. Physical Plant is responding to it.”Brown said that there was no way of predicting the water main would break. Crews have had to cut a piece of the cracked pipe, but most buildings and residences affected by the broken line have had water restored.Crews with Huntsville Water Systems, as well as Physical Plant at SHSU, are currently working to solve problems caused for residents because of the broken main. It is not known exactly when students living on campus or in the area surrounding Bowers Boulevard can expect their water to be fully restored, but workers hope to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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