Bulletin Board offers online shopping site for SHSU students

Tired of paying high prices for new and used textbooks? Need help finding an apartment or roommate? Are you looking for cheap furniture, stereos or a television? What about jobs and carpools?

Wouldn’t it be great to find all these things in one location?

By logging onto the Web site http://www.shsu.edu/board, students can find all these things and more. The Web site is a school sponsored bulletin board, a sort of classified e-trade Web site where students can buy, sell and post ads.

Criminal justice major Roger Fountain is just one of many students taking advantage of this service.

Fountain is the owner/operator of SHSU Discount Textbooks. He orders new textbooks for students and sells them for cheaper prices. Fountain doesn’t do this for profit, but more as a way to fight back against inflated bookstore prices.

Fountain said the electronic bulletin board is a great way for students to help students.

“It’s a win-win situation,” Fountain said.

According to Fountain, not only does the student get more for their books than they would selling it back, students also get their books for a much cheaper price.

Textbooks are the main item on the bulletin board, but there are also postings for roommates, apartments, jobs, vehicles and much more.

Fountain said the bulletin board is also a safe and reliable way of doing business. Students decide what contact information they want to give and can also establish a meeting place.

“They can meet right here on campus, like in the computer lab. They can go to a public place,” he said.

Fountain said setting up meeting places eliminates the cost and hassle of shipping and packaging and gives the added security of not having to give credit card numbers over the Internet.

In the future, Fountain said he also plans to start selling school apparel.

Fountain said wants students to be aware that they no longer have to be taken advantage of. He said by using the bulletin board, students are able to fight back against inflated bookstore prices and help out fellow students at the same time.

Fountain said this is a way for everyone to say “‘Hey, bookstores, you can’t take advantage of [students] any longer.”

For more information about SHSU Discount Textbooks, contact Roger Fountain at 438-5300 or shsubooks@yahoo.com

Visit the bulletin board for more information on ads and other postings at http://www.shsu.edu/board.

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