Can’t afford a tip? Then don’t eat!

I recently read an article sent in by Shirley Baker entitled “Not happy with restaurant service”, and was quickly intrigued about the fact that I was the server involved in the unfortunate ordeal.

I certainly feel, Mrs. Baker, that you started a fight I, and many others, have been waiting to pick.

I am currently a senior here at Sam and have earned my tuition over the years by waiting tables.I am not alone by any means.Myself, like many other servers, have come across customers like the ones you represented in your article and have been plagued by their inconsiderate ‘appreciation’, as you so called it.

Please let me fill you in on some important miscommunication.Servers in the great state of Texas only receive $2.15 an hour because of state law.This amount makes it very uneasy to pay tuition, living expenses, and transportation.

I love serving tables because we often come across people, which pay great respect to our work ethic and in turn show their gratitude.

Of course, then again, we come across people expecting to come into a fine dinning establishment, get great service and leave leaving less than 10 percent by searching for some excuse to do so.

As for my boss, Woody Wallace, a part owner of TW’s Steakhouse, I feel he was strictly sticking to his plan to bring a refined steakhouse to Huntsville that would allow cultured guests to enjoy an atmosphere that hasn’t been introduced to our fine ‘college’ town.He had every right to let that family know in a professional manner that if they can’t afford to take care of their server; then he can’t afford to have them in his establishment.

Believe it or not, I’m not trying to start a fight, but merely trying to inform people that a server’s ‘living’ depends on his or her work ethic.I gave that family excellent service, and expected to be taken care of.

That tables’ bill was right over $62.00 for four people and I received in gratitude only five dollars.

The article you wrote stated, and I quote, “I believe this is a small, friendly town where people still have the right to choose the level of appreciation they show for the food and service they receive.”

I don’t feel you should blame the community of Huntsville for this family’s lack of gratitude.Please take this W.T. argument somewhere else, like your local hamburger joint, not an establishment like TW’s.

I pull double-duty shifts by serving tables at Elkins Lake Country Club and TW’s Steakhouse and I am certain that this town can support a fun and enthusiastic restaurant such as TW’s.

Believe it or not, there are some very refined people in this town looking for a great place to dine and take good care of the communities’ student servers.

Finally, as I have heard many servers say through the years, “if you can’t afford to tip for what you eat, then don’t eat it!”

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