Cell phones and women

Cellular phones are the center of the average college student’s life. They use them to communicate with friends and family around campus, at home, and in the car. Many believe that women utilize this brand of technology more than men. Is it that women just like to talk or is this some sort of learned behavior?Dr. Joanne Ardovini-Brooker, assistant professor in the sociology department said she didn’t know of any study that substantiates that women use their cell phones more. There is the myth that women talk more so it is often assumed that they use their cell phones more. If there has to be a reason it may be safety related, she said.”Women are more expressive and have better verbal skills due to gender socialization,” said Ardovini-Broooker. “We tell women it is better to express yourself and we curtail that for men.”Junior Jessica Gallow said, “We, as women, have more to say and more on our minds then men do. We just think more.”Many lady Bearkats said they feel they use their cell phones more than men because they are more involved on campus and can’t just sit in one spot and wait for a phone call.Sophomore Khristen Dowdy said, “My cell phone bill is always over the limit, but it is because I am never in my room because of all the organizations I am in. I have to communicate some kind of way.”Senior Chenika Alexander said that she spends a lot of time on her phone because her work schedule is tight. She said she does not have time to sit down in one spot and talk on the phone in her room.Graduate student Erika Douglas said doesn’t thinking talking on cell phones is affiliated with gender. “I think it is just college students,” she said. “Now that I am in grad school, I rarely use my phone.”

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