Changing costumes

Current events have transformed this year’s Halloween, playing down terror in favor of Americana in our children’s costumes. Images of the Grim Reaper are being left on the shelf as firefighter and police officer costumes can’t be kept in stock.Retailers, who ordered as much as six months prior to the holiday, are now rushing to pump up supplies of the new American favorites. For parents in search of All Hallow’s Eve wear, a little creativity and a few add-on items can create American magic.”Creating an at-home costume should be fun and easy,” says Cheryl Barre, president of Jerzees Activewear. “Keep in mind comfort and ease of movement, which are also safety considerations, and let a little creativity guide you.”The ideas below all use Jerzees Premium Fit sweatshirts and pants as base items. In addition to being easy to move around in, “sweat” items also provide a layer of warmth against the season’s chill. By adding a few accessories and a little make-up, parents can create a variety of costumes.For the future firefighter, start with a black sweatshirt and pants. Add a red slicker, a couple of reflector strips back and front, and top with a firefighter’s hat. Bottom out with some boots and your local hero is set to go.To create a Statue of Liberty costume, start with sweatshirt and pants in oxford gray. A gray fabric wrap, or gray crepe paper, and torch provide appropriate accessories. A touch of gray face paint and a crown topping will have Miss Liberty ready to go.Is there a budding police officer in your midst? To create this costume, you need only navy sweats and stick-on letters, such as NYPD, to create a policeman’s recreational attire. For added safety, add reflector tape on top of the lettering, and an extra strip along the child’s back.Patriotic costumes also include military wear, and creating an American soldier starts with a forest green sweatshirt and pants. Camouflage make-up can work for both face and uniform. Top with a hat and end with boots, and your trick-or-treater is ready for marching.”With all of these costumes, we encourage parents to put their children in comfortable shoes,” adds Barre. “We suggest including reflector tape and flashlights for added safety. Have a safe and happy Halloween.”Jerzees is a division of Russell Corporation, an international consumer products company specializing in active wear, casual wear and athletic uniforms. For more information about Jerzees Premium Fit products, visit clothes are a terrific place to start when creating Halloween costumes.

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