Channel 7 offers 26 shows for fall lineup

Cable Channel 7, Sam Houston State University’s television station, will begin its fall season today with 26 all new shows. Channel 7 caters not only to the students at SHSU, but also to the entire Huntsville community. Channel 7’s programming runs Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. Its shows are written, directed, produced and edited entirely by students in the radio/ television program. Each fifteen-minute television show is produced as a requirement of advanced directing and production.Many students opted to produce news or talk shows, while others did their shows based on fictional plots. Travis Leamons, senior RTV major, made a suspenseful program entitled “Snapshot”. “It’s a thriller about two twin sisters. One does a con artist job, and then the other gets a message that she is in trouble and can see what happens,” Leamons said.Senior RTV major Al Taglialavore said he preferred to do an informational show. “My show is called ‘On the Record’ and it’s a little bit like ‘The List’ on MTV, where there are panelists who are given a topic and they discuss it,” Taglialavore said. “It’s an informational talk show about music. Our last episode was about the best country albums of all time, and the next one is going to be about the best classic rock of all time.”In addition to the new shows, Channel 7 also offers a local newscast consisting of both university and community events. The live news program, which is also produced by students, airs at noon, Monday through Friday and at 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The Sports & Special Events class shoots SHSU sporting events and special occasions such as parades for Channel 7. The monumental October 19 SHSU vs. SFA game and the homecoming football game against McNeese state are a few of many sporting events that will be broadcast on Cable Channel 7 in the next few weeks.Students and faculty said the entire Huntsville community could benefit from watching Channel 7. “The city of Huntsville should watch Channel 7 because kids are producing these shows for a field they want to get into. It’s a stepping stone,” said Leamons. “What they do now could be remembered in the future. And the shows get the word out about Huntsville in general. Huntsville is the basis of most of the shows.” Taglialavore agreed, saying that Channel 7 offers programming for everyone. “It offers such a wide range of different shows,” Taglialavore said. “There are all kinds of different tastes, so everything can find something interesting.”The fall schedule of all Cable Channel 7’s programming will be available by next week. Schedules can be picked up on first floor of the Dan Rather Communications Building or at the checkout desk at the Newton Gresham Library.For more information, call the Department of Radio & Television at (936) 294- 1340 or visit their website at WWW.SHSU.EDU/~RTF_KSHU.

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