Chi Alpha discusses spiritual warfare

SHSU’s Chi Alpha offers an alternative to the usual Halloween festivities.The evening begins at the LSC Theater at 7 p.m. with Chi Alpha’s weekly meeting. At the meeting, members will discuss the topic of spiritual warfare. “The whole idea of being a Christian is to glorify God, and Satan wants to distract you. That’s spiritual warfare,” said sophomore Jenny Hassenpflug.This struggle is a fight for your life from the two opposing sides, she said.”Once you become a Christian, you’re a threat to satin,” said Chad Oubre, freshman.Following the meeting, there will be a three-band concert at Corner Pocket featuring Red Sky, Decoy Octopus, and Short Sleeve.”There will be lots of fun, good music, good food and it’s free,” said Chi Alpha member Melody Isenhower. “Everyone looking for something different to do on Halloween can come to the meeting or join us at the concert Thursday,” said Tiffany Hendrix, Chi Alpha member.There is no charge for the concert, and band T-shirts will be on sell for $10. Dressing in costumes is welcomed.Chi Alpha is an inter-denomination Christian Fellowship that welcomes everyone, said Oubre.Hendrix said one of the reason she joined Chi alpha was because it was a great place to make good Christian friends that would always welcome you and never judge.For more information regarding Chi Alpha, visit its Web site at

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