Cowboys make another stupid mistake

The Dallas Cowboys have done it again.Just when you thought the Cowboys could get no worse (or dumber), they went off and signed NFL underachiever Tony Banks on Tuesday to replace Troy Ailman as the starting quarterback.The deal, a one-year incentive-laden contract that will pay him $500,000, will not hit the Cowboys hard on the salary cap but it will hit them hard where it really matters — on the field.Being a Cowboy fan (maybe I shouldnt admit that) who has followed Americas Team since early childhood, I have seen it all. I suffered through the mid-to-late 80s with Steve Pelleur and Danny White under center. Oh yeah, how can you forget the wonderful 1-15 season in 1989?Ive also seen them make their share of dumb free-agency moves (see Joey Galloway), which have hurt them in draft positioning and in the salary cap. To be honest with you, Im sick and tired of it. But I would be twice as mad right now if it wasnt for one important fact — there wasnt much else to choose from.The Cowboys have spent the offseason negotiating with several different quarterbacks. The list includes Ryan Leaf (what the hell are they thinking), Randall Cunningham, Trent Dilfer and Steve Beurline. Leaf is just plain bad, Cunningham was a toddler during the battle of the Alamo, Dilfer received a Super Bowl ring this season for stinking up the place while Ray Lewis and Jamie Sharper scored all of the touchdowns, and Beurline can hardly get out of bed for a midnight snack these days without hurting himself. I guess thats why the Cowboys decided on Banks, who started eight games for Baltimore last season before Dilfer replaced him after the Ravens failed to score a touchdown in four consecutive games. I cannot think of another reason they would want a guy who couldnt even perform at a Pro-Bowl level for the Los Angeles Rams in 1996 when he had Issac Bruce and Eddie Kennesin running deep routes. Hes sloppy, he has no discipline, he led the NFL with a record 21 fumbles in 1996, and hes not a proven winner. We havent been in this situation in 12 years, Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones said in an ariticle appearing in the Dallas Morning News on Wednesday. Ever since weve been in the league weve always had a quarterback. Not knowing and not having one makes us uncomfortable. Weve got it resolved now and were ready to move forward.Make that backwards!Yes, Troy Aikman is old. He has had more concussions that girlfriends in his life and his legs wont even permit him to elude from the likes of Roseanne Barr. But I would take him on one leg and half a brain anyday over Banks. How many Super Bowls has Banks won? How many Pro-Bowls has he played in. The answer is none.If the Cowboys think Banks can be a savior, theyve got another thing coming. They should have just stuck with Aikman for a couple of more years while grooming another quarterback to take over.Oh, thats right, this is the Cowboys were talking about.Next up for the Boys – the signing of another overated, underachieving veteran – wide receiver Carl Pickens. Stay tuned. I know I will.By the way, did I mention I was a huge Cowboys fan?

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