Credit card companies strategic targeting of college students leads many nowhere but down

“Just charge it” has been the philosophy in today’s modern society. College students don’t realize the effects of bad credit and how an immature mistake can haunt you for the rest of your life.Aren’t you sick of the credit card companies hassling you every time you walk through the mall area? They offer you everything from free calling cards to T-shirts, and all you have to do is sign up now. It is easier for college students without a job to receive a credit card than it is for some adults working full time. If you are an unemployed college student and receive an allowance from your parents credit card companies claim this allowance as income. Credit card companies can also approve you for credit by your parents past credit history without your parents even knowing. The companies prey on college students hoping they charge up a large bill. Then if the student can’t pay they hope for the parents to pay to protect their son or daughter from being classified as a credit risk.Everyday students are faced with credit card applications. They are in your mail, tents are set up in the middle of campus and applications are in your bag every time you buy books. It’s great marketing considering we empty our savings on books, perfect time to apply for a credit card. They even offer a great sales pitch of “No annual fee.” This sales pitch is quite humorous because most of these credit cards have a 23 percent interest rate!A credit card with a credit line of $3,000 would cost you about $690 annually if the card were at its limit. One student who wished to remain anonymous said, “I wish I would have never gotten one. I am $5,000 in debt and I have nothing to show for it.” Other students report to have a debt ranging from $1,000 to $12,000. Many of these students’ parents are not even aware. However, we are all college students and are thought of as adults. Being an adult means being responsible and using a credit card for the right reasons and not for frivolous spending.If you have a credit card and use it responsibly then congratulations and good luck. For the credit card companies set up in the middle of campus, leave, you’re annoying! Remember, we are adults and if we need credit we’ll get it.

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