Criminal Justice enrollment again on the rise

While criminal justice is on the national political agenda, enrollment in Sam Houston States CJ program shows increases in majors.Following a decline of students majoring in Criminal Justice between the years of 1995 and 1997, the CJ department is again becoming a popular course of study.According to 1999 statistics on the website of the Office of Institutional Research, criminal justice gained an impressive 466 students since 1997.There are many speculations for the cause of this trend. One possibility, offered by the admissions office, is the success of recruitment techniques.At this time there is more focus on the criminal justice system…it depends on the focus at the time, said Associate Vice-president of Academic Affairs Dr. Richard Eglsaer. The gradual increase of CJ majors is closely related to societal issues.Historical research shows that the College of Criminal Justice remains the largest and one of the premier criminal justice institutions in our nation.The College of Arts and Sciences remains the leading course of study, followed by the College of Education and Applied Science.

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