Dance company to appear tonight

The department of theatre and dance will present “Whispers and Shouts From the House of Ruby” by the Kista Tucker Dance Company today through Saturday at 8 p.m. in the dance theatre of Academic Building 3.

The modern dance concert will include seven dances each with a different voice, message, and mood.

Kista Tucker, assistant professor in dance and director of the Kista Tucker Dance Company, said the concert is her creation from a personal experience years ago. Tucker said she felt the show’s title was appropriate for conveying what the concert is to represent.

“‘The House of Ruby'” is a metaphor of the mind,” Tucker said. “The seven dances represent rooms in the house, each with a separate mood. The moods range from cheerful and upbeat to dark and mysterious.”

Tucker has performed throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, Mexico and Canada. She said she founded the dance company in 1996 in upstate New York. Since then the company has performed in various places such as New York, Washington, D.C., Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Georgia.

By becoming an assistant professor at SHSU and still being director of the dance company, Tucker said has the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds.

“I enjoy teaching as much as creating [performances] and working with dancers,” Tucker said.

Tucker has also performed her solo, Maga, in Atlanta as an officially sanctioned cultural performance during the 1996 Olympics. She has received numerous awards and many companies and institutions commission her choreographic works.

For more information on the upcoming performance or the Kista Tucker Dance Company contact Kista Tucker at 294-3525.

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