Dateless on the Hallmark holiday?

Ahh…Valentine’s Day! Here at last. The love, the chocolates, the roses, the balloons and yes, don’t forget the loneliness.

Who said being dateless for Valentine’s Day was a negative thing? Here are some ideas to spice up the Hallmark holiday.

You are not the only single person in the city. This year Valentine’s Day is on a Friday, a perfect disguise for the less fortunate. Nobody will notice you trying to blend in. Hook up with some friends and head off to a club to dance the night away and, if you insist, you still have a chance to make somebody your Valentine.

The more productive approach on how to spend this day may sound nerdy, but in the end it will get you a lot farther along, and will last longer than a chocolate shaped heart.

Stay home and catch up on all the homework you have been neglecting. Finish reading that boring macroeconomic chapter, sort out all your loose notes, and clean up your disgusting backpack.

You can also head immediately to the nearest Blockbuster, try to avoid the rush hour melee of people stocking up on rentals, and gather up some movies for this weekend. Go ahead treat yourself. Rent every movie you have wanted to see but were just too busy. Get some snacks and make it a catching up date.

Leaving the city for a few days is another option.

Go out of town for the weekend. Road trips are always fun and can also be educational. Visit museums, go sight seeing, even do some partying, and if all else fails shop. Shop like there is no tomorrow. That alone will make up for a lonely weekend.

If spending mad cash is not in your budget, stay home and do some spring-cleaning. Finally clean your overflowing closet, and do a good deed at the same time. Donate all those extra items that no longer fit or that you just don’t want to good will. Move some furniture around, spice up the living room by making crafts for your home.

There are a million things to do stag on this day that celebrates couples. The point is just do something, anything, do not just sit around moping and ruin a perfectly good weekend.

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