David Allan Coe to perform at Shenanigans

Country music legend David Allan Coe is set to fire up the stage at Shenanigans Nov. 29.Davis Fleming, manager of Shenanigans, said Coe has performed on the local nightclub’s stage before and his live music never disappoints.”We’ve had him out at Shenanigans before; this is probably the third or fourth time he’ll have been here,” Fleming said. “He always packs the house and we can definitely count on him to put on an excellent show.”Doors for the concert open at 7 p.m., with Coe taking the stage shortly after. Coe has often gained recognition for his outrageous lyrics, but Fleming said the concert would feature Coe tunes his fans know and love.”His stage shows are really good,” he said. “The lyrics on some of his album cuts can be pretty out there, but for concerts like this he’s going to play the stuff people know. He’ll be doing songs like ‘You Never Even Called Me By My Name’ and he’ll play some other stuff he’s done with other performers.” A self proclaimed long-haired, redneck, rock and roll son of the south Coe has collaborated with a diverse group of artists ranging from Merle Haggard to Kid Rock. The appreciation for different genres makes his style different from what many perceive as “traditional country music”.”He’s not the usual country music performer,” Fleming said. “His style is what I would call rock country.”Fleming said because Coe is able to blend the styles of rock and country, his music can appeal to a wide range of music fans and SHSU students.”Students that don’t consider themselves big-time country music fans will still enjoy his style of music and they should definitely come on out,” Fleming said. “David Allan Coe puts on a high energy, lively show with really good music. It’s worth coming out to see him perform.”Tickets to see David Allan Coe in concert are $12 pre-sale and may be purchased at Shenanigans or at Cavender’s Boot City located at 1720 11th St. Tickets may also be purchased at the door for $15.

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