Deadline to “study abroad” approaching

Want to study abroad this summer? If so, March 15 is the deadline for scholarship applications at SHSU.Mary Bralley, 23, is a senior and sociology major who will be traveling to Tuscany, Italy, for the May 13 to June 3 summer session. She said her biggest fear is getting lost in a foreign city; however, she believes it is important to study abroad.You need to understand and get to know other cultures to really understand and appreciate your own, she said.Susan Locklear, a history major, will also be traveling to Italy.The 46-year-old senior said for the past 20 years she hasnt had the extra time or money to travel.Thirteen years after graduating from high school, she said, now is my time.Locklear said the trip will be a financial challenge.She received $650 in scholarship money but admitted, It doesnt contribute much to the $3,000 expense, but every little bit helps. You have to weigh the benefits, and to me the opportunity is worth the sacrifice, Locklear said.Other programs include classes in China, Cuba, England, France and Mexico.Plenty of seats are available in all SHSU programs, according to Charles Stowe, professor and director of International Programs.All programs are listed on the international web page with links for more information.The application form is also posted on the SHSU website, he said.Under the new rules used this past fall, said Stowe, the (application) process is quite simple and does not require letters of reference or essays.

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