Denney to speak at conference Jan. 28

Learn about what it takes to lead, contribute and make a difference at “The Future is Yours to Create: A Look at Life and Leadership” with speaker Nancy Hunter Denney on Jan. 28 at 5:45 p.m. in the Beto Criminal Justice Center Auditorium.

Denney will speak to the SHSU campus as part of The Society of Success and Leadership Speaker Series program sponsored by the Department of Student Activities. She is a nationally recognized speaker and author specializing in higher education.

Denney’s program will be an extensive training experience that will focus on the individual as well as the group. It will include interactive exercises, self-explorations, group discussion, inspirational music, individual skill building exercises and other fun training techniques.

There will also be a discussion of one’s content of character and a six-minute video entitled “The Future is Yours to Create.”

Denney is the author of “Life By Design” and co-author of “Let Your Leadership Speak: How to Lead and be Heard.” She has appeared on ABC and NBC morning shows in Chicago and as a guest on radio talk shows throughout the country.

The purpose of the leadership speaker series is for students to gain leadership skills and a better understanding of where they want to go in life and how to achieve that goal.

Although held here at SHSU, the program will be broadcast live to approximately 50 other schools across the nation.

Students not only have the opportunity to attend the speaker series program, but can also join the Society of Success. This organization offers members a variety of networking, job placement, and scholarship opportunities. For more information, access the Web site at

Interested students can also contact Elizabeth Jones at Student Activities at 294-3861 for more information on the speaker series program.

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