Dept of Recreational Sports

SAM HOUSTON RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUBApril 21, 2003Dear Editor,Recently, the Sam Houston Department of Recreational Sports hosted the USA Rugby Division II National championship Tournament. As someone who has played all over the world, I have never been apart of such a professionally run tournament in 12 years! The entire staff, lead by Club Sports Director Amy Swingle, worked an endless amount of hours to ensure that this tournament was well received. The current players spent an entire week preparing the playing surface so that it could be a top notch pitch (field)! They should all be commended for bringing a National Championship Tournament to town.As an alumni, I cannot express the pride I felt, not as a rugby player, but as a Sam Houston rugby player, that the school had done so much for the team and the sport that I love. There is not one other staff member that has done more for an organization than Amy Swingle (and her staff) has done for our rugby club. It is my utmost hope that Ms. Swingle’s faith is validated not just by the team’s on the field success, but also by the way that we represent the department of Recreational Sports and Sam Houston State.As the coach of the team, there are no words to express the gratitude that I have for Sam Houston State, the Department of Recreational Sports, our Alumni, and my players! Thank you for allowing a sometimes intolerable, short-tempered, over-reacting man to live out a simple dream. I hope in some small way I will be able to repay Sam Houston and it’s rugby club for all that it has given me. Thank you.

Sincerely,Johnny “PIG” SmithHead CoachSam Houston Rugby Football Club


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