Despite suspension, Chi Omega girls still going strong

After losing their charter this past fall, members of Chi Omega say they still have a sisterly bond that cannot be taken away. Despite no longer being officially recognized as a campus organization, members of the former Chi Omega sorority continue an informal sisterhood, members said.Because of the revocation of their charter for alleged hazing violations last fall, Chi Omega members are banned from holding their meetings on campus, but have continued to hold regular meetings off-campus.Chi Omega still has social functions officials said. This past November they had a formal at Seven Coves in Willis and they periodically have date parties. In the future Chi Omega will still have social functions because as a member stated, “you can take away out letters but not our spirit.”According to a member, who requested to remain anonymous, the twenty girls taken in fall recruitment had the option of becoming Chi Omegas or going back through the next fall recruitment. Twelve of the twenty decided to remain Chi Omegas regardless of the accusations about its initiation ritual.Chi Omega’s national headquarters said they could possibly get their charter back within the next three to four years. However, the national headquarters has never reissued a charter to a chapter that has been pulled.”If you didn’t like us, it is only because you didn’t know us,” a Chi Omega member said.

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