Dining Guide: Pepperoni Slice of Life

Whether it is 90 percent of the student body at Princeton, child star Haley Joel Osment, Queen Latifah, Ashton Kutcher, Michael Straham or Michelangelo, or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, everybody loves pizza.

Sauce, mozzarella, bread, and pepperoni makes for a great meal for the average college student. Millions of college students eat pizza religiously. So The Houstonian decided to find the best pizza in Huntsville.

The results are in and the final scores for overall pizza were Domino’s with a 3.3, Papa John’s with a 3.8, Pizza Hut with a 3.3, Golden Corral with a 1.6, CiCi’s with a 3.5, and Pizza Pro with 3.0. So that makes Papa John’s the best pizza in Huntsville. The second best pizza was CiCi’s with Domino’s and Pizza Hut tying for third place.

The Houstonian staff and other SHSU students tried six different pepperoni pizzas on Monday. The pizzas were judged on their crust, appearance, amount of toppings, temperature, overall taste, amount of sauce, taste of sauce and slice size to determine the best in Huntsville.

The best crust came from Papa John’s. The best appearance belonged to Pizza Pro. Although all the pizzas seemed to be covered with excessive toppings (due to the contest I am sure), Papa John’s was number one again. Papa John’s also took the best temperature category and overall taste categories. CiCi’s had the best tasting and the best amount of sauce. CiCi’s, Papa John’s, and Domino’s had a three-way tie for slice size.

Although Papa John’s won a few staff members preferred other pizza. Viewpoints Editor, Eric Barton said, “Papa John’s crust was way too soggy and the pizza was greasy, Pizza Pro is the best.”

Sports Editor, Cody Stark, said, “Papa John’s pizza has gotten better. I like the fact that they have more toppings but the sauce is a little rich.” He preferred Domino’s. “It is just a great tasting pizza.”

Almost every member of the staff thought that Pizza Hut’s pizza was a little too orange. Most felt it was just dried grease that gave it that look.

As far as value, CiCi’s has the best deal. Their large one-topping pizza has eight slices for $5.99 plus tax or you could try their buffet for $3.49 plus tax. Pizza Pro has the second best offer with a one-topping large pizza with 12 slices for $7 plus tax. Papa John’s offers a large one-topping pizza with eight slices for $8.98. Domino’s offers a large one-topping pizza with eight slices for $9.99 plus tax. Pizza Hut offers a twelve slice large pizza for $12.29 plus tax. The Golden Corral doesn’t sell its pizza seperately, but it is available on their daily buffet. The cost of the buffet is $8.19 plus tax.

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