Doesn’t agree with X

Well, I went and saw Quanell X last Tuesday and I thought he was a good speaker.I wouldn’t say he was in the same league as Malcolm X, MLK, JFK or Abe Lincoln.

He did keep EVERYONE interested though. I knew that Quanell X was very radical and he was liable to say something crazy, but I figured it would be a laugh fest.

Some guy (one of his preacher friends) came out and asked for donations.Did he not know we are broke college students?I would have given the man a dollar or some change, but he started to belittle everyone. The man was begging.

Quanell X finally came out and the whole time, I was thinking to myself, “I hope he doesn’t say anything negative about white people.” Granted, he was negative towards black people as well as white people, but he was the harshest on black males and white females.

He totally disrespected white females.He mocked them and called white women silly.It was like he was talking directly to the black people and white people were just there for his amusement. He kept contradicting himself. He told the white females to give their good black man back to the black females.He made it seem like white females with black males couldn’t possibly be about love, but about lust and curiosity.

I felt those aspects of his speech hit me on a personal note. Quanell X is not the first person I’ve heard say that, and he won’t be the last person.I’ve even had people, some friends, some family members and some random people say that crap to me. Throughout my life, I’ve always been attracted to all kinds of women. Yeah, I’ve dated mostly white females in the past and still do. However, I feel like it’s my right to date whoever I want to date, and I shouldn’t have to justify it.I shouldn’t have to always defend why I do it and I shouldn’t have to be ridiculed for my preference in women.

I am in no way disrespecting black females, my mom, my sisters or my aunt.I respect all women, no matter what color they are. Also, if a white woman chooses to date a black guy, that is her right and she shouldn’t be ridiculed, or frowned upon. I’ve heard it for so many years, and I’ve pretty much dealt with it and lived with it.

Quanell X and black people who think like that are no different, in my eyes, then a racist Klansmen or racist white person who says the same.Neither he or anybody else will not stop me from doing what I do and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Other than that, Quanell X had some good points.Like his take on America’s foreign policy, his views on Affirmative Action and his thoughts on reparations. Also when he said that we should give back to the community and we should try to help rebuild the ghettos and help out the poor. I felt like I had been transported to the ’60s, when Malcolm X spoke.

It was truly an event to remember, and as you can see, people are still talking about it.

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