Editor’s picks for Spring Break destinations

Dust off the suntan lotion and break out the towels because it is the time of year for Spring Break to once again take control of our school-fried minds.

Students everywhere will be traveling all across the globe to try to get as far away from college and the tests that are thrown at them left and right. If you are looking for a place to hide from school, here are the top five Spring Break destinations I suggest you check out this year.

5. Galveston Island:

It’s not everyone’s ideal Spring Break destination, but it’s the poor man’s alternative to South Padre Island or Cancun. Face it; Galveston is close, inexpensive and if you don’t have enough cash to stay the night at one of the local hotels, you could easily drive back home and crash for free.

The Strand in Galveston has plenty of stores and restaurants that help entertain visitors on a daily basis, not to mention the one thing Spring Breakers want the most: beaches.

You could visit several beaches throughout Galveston, but most notably the Seawall and Crystal Beach. Seawall is great and everything, but if you don’t mind driving an extra 45 minutes and taking the ferry over to that part of the island you could drive up and down the beach in your own car and relax in a more friendly atmosphere.

If you are the more spur of the moment person or your just flat broke, you should definitely check out Galveston this Spring Break.

4. Colorado:

Some Texans are sick of the heat or just plain get enough of it during the summer and start heading north of the border to hit the slopes all over Colorado.

Mostly known as a hangout place for the rich and famous, Colorado has plenty of excitement to offer college students throughout the country. One part of Colorado in particular, Aspen, has plenty to offer students.

Despite having to save an arm and a leg to get there, Aspen shares the same high-class status as its sister Colorado city, Vail. Both are certainly synonymous with a lifestyle that students are trying to chase. After all, why are we in college anyway – to make the big bucks and one day afford to live the life in Aspen? If this is a reality for you now, I am envious. But let’s break it down for you and the others who only wish they could take a vacation in the lavish Aspen.

I wouldn’t put Aspen on the map for bringing in every the college student during Spring Break, but it does have top-notch dining and shopping. Besides the extraordinarily expensive cost of living there, i.e. eating, sleeping and skiing, Aspen has a lot of big mountains.

Big mountains mean big skiing. There is a ton to do in the shadows of the Colorado Rockies, especially if outdoor living is your thing. Hiking, snow shoeing, ice skating, cross country skiing and even making snowmen are all a much cheaper way of being in Aspen but not having the money to be in Aspen.

With any resort destination there will also be an array of spas and luxuries you can indulge in after a hard day’s work on or off the mountain.

If the sun isn’t your thing this Spring Break you should definitely check this place out and make your reservations now.

3. Panama City Beach, Fla.:

Year after year Florida allures thousands of students into the sandy beaches of Panama City Beach. With dazzling white-beaches and clubs that are argued to be the best in the world, who is to argue why students make the long journey to the remote part of Florida.

Located on the Florida panhandle, Panama City has over 27 miles of amazingly white beaches on the Florida Gulf Coast. It is a natural beauty, combined with its moderate prices, outrageous nightlife, including Club LaVela, which bills itself as the country’s largest nightclub with 14 different dance floors and 48 separate bars. Its more liberal attitudes towards Spring Break activities (they even allow kegs on the beach!) make it the modern Mecca for knowledgeable Spring Breakers.

Over half a million students have made it to the Panama City Beaches each Spring Break for the past several years. No wonder MTV has included Panama City as home for its official coverage of Spring Break!

Usually Panama City Beach, Florida is on the top of the list for Spring Break destinations for most students; not me. Don’t get me wrong the beach scene and non-stop nightlife is alluring, but it’s in Florida and that’s almost as far away as Cancun is.

2. South Padre Island, Texas:

I would like to go to South Padre before I die, it’s as simple as that. I am staying true to Texas on this one. There must be a reason Padre is always considered to be one of the top places to go in the world.

One reason is pure location. You could easily find some friends and take a road-trip down to the party place or if you wanted to you could fly. Second, everything is bigger in Texas and no one throws it down better than Texans.

South Padre Island is located on the Gulf of Mexico, and offers 34 miles of fun in the sun, including a five-mile stretch of laid-back beaches, ripe with volleyball and sunbathing.

Some of the favorites in Padre with Spring Breakers are Louie’s Backyard, which has a bungee jump outside, the tequila bar at Padre Cantina and Charles’ Paradise Country Club featuring 24 bars and 11 dance floors.

For those who want to sleep late, hotels sponsor Spring Break contests and events, and a trip to Mexico could be on your itinerary as the border is just 30 minutes away! Don’t miss South Padre this Spring Break.

1. Cancun, Mexico:

Tired of the same old beach scene? Cancun, Mexico, offers far more than perfectly tanned bodies lounging languidly on pristine sands (though, those are certainly two marvelous perks of this beach town!).

This south of the border city serves up a full platter of appetizing activities. For those who enjoy the ocean, the tranquil turquoise waters off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula are a draw not only for swimming but also for snorkeling, diving, jet skiing and fishing. Land lovers can explore ancient Mayan ruins, hike the wilds of Mexico at an eco-archaeological theme park, or watch a battle with a bull.

When the sun sets, Cancun transforms into a world of hedonist delights by offering dusk-’till-dawn dancing and a non-stop nightlife. Whether it’s pampering, partying or wet and wild water sports that you’re seeking, Cancun promises a host of must-do experiences!

Cancun has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, white sand, and crystal clear blue waters. Yet its natural beauties pale in comparison to what this Central American city has to offer in the way of nightlife and college partying.

Even though a number of other towns have presented themselves as exciting alternatives in recent years, The Houstonian still maintains that if you haven’t been to Cancun yet you should definitely consider it for your next semester break!

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