Editor’s Picks For Top Five New TV Shows Of 2003

It is the New Year and that means networks are going to be releasing new television shows to try and bring in new viewers. After doing extensive research, I have sorted the good from the bad and composed, in my opinion, a list of the Top Five New Television Shows to be aired this season.

No. 1-“Dragnet”: This show brings the timeless detective series back to life and is creating a big buzz around Hollywood. Emmy Award-winner Dick Wolf, one of television’s most successful creators and architect of the long-running “Law & Order” franchise, is producing the re-generated classic. “Dragnet” takes place in Los Angeles, one of the world’s most glamorous and intriguing cities, and draws storylines from past crime scenes and recent storylines. Also, the show is using new camera techniques to offer panoramic views of each set. The show isn’t short of star power either. Former “Married With Children” star Ed O’Neil takes on the role of Detective Joe Friday, a seasoned veteran who has seen everything this messed up world has to offer. Teaming with O’Neil is Ethan Embry playing Frank Smith, his young partner who has recently been promoted to the robbery/homicide division from vice. I believe this series is going to be a hit, and O’Neil is going to surprise everybody with his acting skills. The show will premiere Feb. 2, at 9 p.m. on ABC.

No. 2-“Miracles”: ABC is taking on the controversial issue of religion with its new show “Miracles.” This new series is sure to stir up some emotion and create controversies with its storylines. The show stars Skeet Ulrich (“Scream”) as Paul, an investigator of modern miracles who finds the result is always the same, a mundane explanation and a crowd of disappointed believers. After coming to the conclusion that, “We are all alone down here,” the character’s life is saved by Tommy Ferguson, a young boy with the power to heal. However, Tommy pays for the miracle with his life and gives Paul a second chance to live. The character then tries to understand what happened to him and through that process is teamed with several people who help him during his journeys, one of which is played by Angus Macfadyen. Macfadyen plays Alva Keel, a former Harvard professor and current investigator of the paranormal, who tries to help Paul deal with the strange occurrences. The characters come to the conclusion that all the events happening around the world are going to lead to one large “deadly event.” I believe “Miracles” will gain viewers as the season progresses and the show will win several awards. People’s love for the supernatural will be evident when this show becomes a hit.

No. 3-“Oliver Beane”: Fox is notorious for making several groundbreaking comedies we love to this day, and the new project “Oliver Beane” promises to do the same. “Oliver Beane” is a comedy series about another time. The backdrop for the set is in a suburban neighborhood in 1962. According to Fox’s Web site, “Oliver Beane” is about an 11-year-old boy (Grant Rosenmeyer) whose world is full of comedic chaos. It’s the worst of times, but also the best of times for young Oliver as he tries to get by in his crazy life. Much of the comedic performances come from Oliver’s eccentric family. The family is headed by his father, Jerry (Grant Shaud), a dentist whose idea of a fun and relaxing Sunday is drilling his kids’ molars. Then there’s Oliver’s mother, Charlotte (Wendy Makkena), a homemaker who idolizes Jackie Kennedy and fantasizes about being her. The Beane household is completed by older brother Ted (Andrew Lawrence), a sports fanatic who lives by one simple rule: “If it ain’t about sports, it ain’t worth talking about.” Like every kid, Oliver longs for a sense of family normalcy and peer acceptance at a time when nothing seems to make any sense. Oliver finds relief from his friends at school, who at times can be as weird as his family, and experiences the normal pressures an 11-year-old has to deal with. This show offers a fresh face in the world of comedy and brings us back to the simple joys of being a kid. “Oliver Beane” is also easy to relate to because everyone from one time to another has been embarrassed by their parents. This show will be funny, so look for it to be another breakout hit. The series will air on Sundays this March on Fox.

No. 4-“Platinum”: Sources say this is going to be one of the breakout-hit series for 2003, and may revive the struggling UPN network. “Platinum” is a family saga that takes place in the fast-paced world of hip-hop music. The new series follows two brothers who own and operate a record company in the highly competitive world of rap and hip-hop. According to UPN’s Web site, the show revolves around a pair of brothers and record industry moguls Jackson and Grady Ellis, who are the definition of rags-to-riches success after building their company, Platinum Records, from the ground up. “Platinum” is set in New York against the backdrop of the glamorous hip-hop lifestyle, a cutthroat and dangerous business notorious for its flashy stars with money to burn and ruthless record executives who stop at nothing to make it big. No release date for the show is set, but it is going to be released this spring. Watch out for this show when it’s finally released because it offers a different prospective untapped by other networks.

No. 5-“Who will be America’s Next Top Supermodel”: Adding to the reality television craze is this wild and wacky new contest. UPN is definitely trying to revamp its on air schedule by adding several wild new shows and “Who will be America’s Next Top Supermodel” plans to be the exclamation point in this plan. This new show is going to give viewers a look into the multi-billion dollar, high stakes and high stress fashion industry. The participants will find themselves under constant 24-hour surveillance, and will go through an intense modeling boot camp. Tyra Banks will head the high-profile panel of celebrity judges. Week after week, the judges will narrow the field to determine America’s next top model.

Look for this show to shake up the reality-TV business and make some monster headlines. No release date has been set, but rumors state the show will air in March. Be sure to look for this show!

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