Entertainment Article on Cory Morrow

Most of the time I will read The Houstonian for entertainment purposes and look past errors in reporting, grammar etc… In fact very rarely will I register a complaint however, after reading your article on Cory Morrow last Thursday, there are a few things that need to be addressed. First of all, let me state that I like Pat Green just as much as the next person but he is by no means a Texas Country Legend, at least not yet. Cory and Pat played there first live gigs together, while attending school at Texas Tech; in essence, they got started at the same time. Cory is not mostly known for his duets with Pat, Cory has asked Pat to perform on his recordings because they are friends, and in fact they even produced an entire CD together. Cory is not a native of Lubbock. He was born and raised in Houston Texas. He went to high school there and then moved to Lubbock to attend school. After reading your article I have to ask the question did you even visit Cory’s website http://www.corymorrow.com? Or better still did you happen to visit his fan club site? As a founding member of the Cory Morrow fan club I find it hard to believe that you spent more than maybe five minutes obtaining your information, and at that you probably got it from what you have heard from unreliable sources. My advice is next time you want to write a piece on a performer, try calling there manger, or promotions company if they use one. At the very least visit there web site so that you may obtain accurate information. Also, it would help if you would spell performers names correctly, Django Walker will be performing with Roger Creager, not Djanko.

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