Ephedra Article in the Tuesday, March 11 Issue

At the end of last semester (Fall 2002) The Sam Houston State Univeristy Art Department featured a billboard in the art dept. bringing the social concerns of Ephedra (Ephedrine) right to the doorstep. The billboard is an ongoing project to make aware social concerns of today with a twist from a well known and productive advertisement. Usually during the fall semester, a new billboard can be seen every two weeks. It utterly insults the students at the art department that not only do we already feel like outsiders, because we occupy the once temporary buildings completely segregated from the entire SHSU campus, but because we work so hard to bring light to the dangers among us by painting the billboard, and noone even knows that it exsists except us (the art department). I am overwhelmed that an article was featured on the front page of the Houstonian, and there was no acknowledge of the billboard last fall, featuring the same danger. Basically, you people need to get with the program. . .without art, you would not be aware of such a variety of aspects that you come across everyday. There would be no visible appeal in any food you seen signs for, no pretty cars, no since of individuality, no posters for your dorm rooms, everything would be the same color, and the same shape. Though we cannot change our location, we can beg that you show your support for what we are doing. Next fall, stop by the department, take a stroll through the exhibit halls, you will find that we are of the kindest people, and though we are far away, we complete the circle that we are all trying to make.

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