Everyone wants a “hook-up”

Whether it is through extra cheese, a sneak into the movie or a pair of socks at Foot Locker, everybody wants a so-called “hook-up.”But why?We have constantly been told and have even told others that nothing in this world is free, but still, we try to get over on others. What’s worse is that we have the audacity to get mad when things don’t go our way.I must admit that whenever the chance arises, I try, and nine times out of 10 succeed in getting “hooked-up.” I know that it is not right to want something for nothing but sometimes I just can’t help myself. There’s nothing wrong with trying, right?However, my efforts aren’t as strong-willed as others. An incident that occurred this weekend is a wonderful example. While at the fair Saturday night, my good friend and I decided to press our luck and shoot basketballs to win this enormous teddy bear. Although playing the game was decided upon when we arrived at the fair, my friend’s sudden enthusiasm to play greatly increased when she saw that the basketball attendant was her cousin.We were definitely playing now.After missing the one shot she paid two dollars for, she surprisingly wanted to play more games. However, she had no intentions on paying for them. Her cousin was a little hesitant about letting her play for free because there was a long line behind her, and they would see that she had not given him any more money.Despite this, he let her shoot four free shots. Did she care about him losing his job? She most certainly did not. All she cared about was what he could do for her. Sad, but true. I think one of the main reasons he did it and why most people find themselves giving things away on their jobs or simply giving people more than they pay for is because they don’t want to be looked upon as taking their jobs too seriously. (FYI- I am referring to student jobs, not corporate ones.)If you are one of those people who expect people to “hook you up,” before you ask them, ask yourself one simple question.Would I do it for them?I guarantee that if the shoe were on the other foot, you wouldn’t be “hooked-up” as often.

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