Exhibit that has raised eyebrows elsewhere will make its debut at Sam today

An exhibit put on by Justice for All will make its debut on campus today. The exhibit that towers over two stories tall will feature pictures of aborted fetuses.The exhibit has already made the rounds to other state funded schools such as our southern neighbor, The University of Houston. With its graphic material the pictorial has been causing a ruckus wherever it goes. While many have found the display to be very unnerving and wish for its removal from their campuses; its proponents claim that it is protected under free speech. I myself believe whole-heartedly in free speech, but I find the exhibit to be unnecessary and disgusting.Feeling the way I do about the whole thing has made me question how far free speech should go. Should a two story tall exhibit featuring aborted fetuses be allowed to stand on the campus of Sam Houston State University? The answer is yes. Should people have enough decency and compassion not to bring it here or anywhere? Once again the answer is a resounding yes. The exhibit was featured on the Tuesday evening news. A woman who was with the group, Justice for All, was quoted as saying, if we only stop one woman from having an abortion then our efforts have been worth it. I have to wonder if this woman cares about the hundreds of other people this exhibit is going to crush. Is it admirable to exploit others pain? The display is being sponsored by Respecting Life, a Christian organization. Abortion is not a Christian principle. Neither is judgement or hypocrisy.Delivering a message via shock value is not Christ-like. I cant help but be disgusted by the hypocrites who support displays like this one all in the name of Christ.Didnt Christ teach understanding and compassion? Arent there other more peaceable and compassionate ways to oppose abortion? I believe there are.Its unfortunate that there are people out there who believe that this is the appropriate way to go about combating abortion. Its funny that these people will so quickly stand up for their free speech rights while they try so vehemently to deny women the rights to their own bodies. If your going to package your argumant in this hateful form then let us all know what your really thinking, I am righteous and you are not. I would rather harm then help you.

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