Fall final exam times changed

Revisions in the fall final exam schedule were made to correct conflicts concerning M-day classes having exams on T-days and vice versa. A faculty member brought the conflict to the attention of the Registrar’s office and a new revised schedule was made.”There are so many students who commute to campus,” said Robert L. Dunning, university registrar. “We changed the schedule to get all the M-day classes’ exams on Monday and Wednesday.”Dunning said theses changes will help students. Some commuters have babysitting considerations and other conflicts prohibiting them from taking their exams on any other day but the day of the class. Though the revision helped some students, it was confusing and inconvenient for other students. “I don’t like it because I only found out about it from my professor. If you don’t hear it from your professor, you have to find out on your own or you might end up showing up at the wrong time for your exam,” said freshman Matt Seibert. “If there are two schedules out there, some won’t know which one is right.” The professors hand out a syllabus with the day of the exam on it, he said, we should be able to go by that.”I’m shocked and appalled that they would actually have the audacity to change the schedule so close to the end of the semester,” said sophomore Jason Hagendorf. “I had no idea about it until now.””They should have gotten it right in the first place so no one would be inconvenienced,” said junior Kacie McDowell.The new final exam schedule inadvertently helped some university students such as senior Cas Velez. “The new schedule actually worked out better for me because I’ll finish a day earlier,” Velez said. “But I can see how it might upset some people because they might have to stay an extra day now.””It’s good for me in that I can take my Spanish final at the regular time, but I already had it in my head that it was one way and now it’s another way,” said senior Erin Arredell. “I have to reschedule important things and it conflicts with my work schedule now.””It actually works better for me,” said senior Patrick Newcomb, “because now I don’t have a final on Thursday so I have an extra day to prepare for my wedding on Saturday.”Normally, the finals fall on Friday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Since this semester’s exams are scheduled for Monday through Thursday, the schedule was thrown off with the extra T day. Exams are Dec. 9 through 12. Graduating senior exams take place Dec. 3 and 4.The correct revised fall exam schedule is posted on the Internet on SHSU’s Web site.

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