Famous Fashions

Every morning before class starts, the average person gets up, showers and spends unnecessary time in front of their closets wondering what to wear and do with their hair.I have the answer to all your problems:Just do what the stars do.Cornrow your hair and throw on a wife beater or a jersey.Cornrows are braids that are braided flat to the scalp and arranged in rows.Cornrows range in price from $10 to $250.They can be so small you can’t see them or so thick that only three will fit on your head. They can go straight back, spell your name or take on a pattern that can never be traced by the naked eye. Whether you have curly ques or criss-crosses, it doesn’t matter.Cornrows go from the bedroom to the boardroom and always look nice no matter what.They are low maintenance and can last from a week until about a month depending on the style and how well you sleep on it.Stars rock cornrows from the court to the stage to the big screen. Everybody from Alicia Keys to Allen Iverson to Jennifer Lopez to Justin Timberlake have had their hair cornrowed.Now that your hair is taken care of, let’s move on to the wardrobe.Wife beaters are simply white tank undershirts.They are given this name because of the stereotype that abusive men wear these types of shirts.Wife-beaters have come a long way in the 21st century.They have gone from under your shirt to being outerwear. Wife-beaters give people a number of options.The average wife beater is white, so it goes with everything.It can be cut-off or decorated.Now that they are becoming popular, they are being marketed in various colors.They can be worn with skirts, shorts, jeans – practically anything.Many people also wear them as tanks under suits.Wife beaters are worn by some of music’s most famous entertainers includingKid Rock, Eve, Avril Lavigne and Gwen Stefani, just to name a few.Jerseys are back in full effect. Not the average jersey that you get off the rack for $40 dollars, but the authentic, mostly old-school jerseys that run on the average of a couple of hundred dollars.Most are for teams that no longer exist or have changed their logos such as the Houston Astros.Another big surge in jersey purchases has been the Negro League Jerseys.Most people refer to them as throwback jerseys.Those are the styles of the week for most artists.So it is on you now.You can continue to wake up every morning and spend endless hours in the closet or you can run out to the nearest store and buy a couple packs of wife beaters, some jerseys and call the nearest beautician for some cornrows. Whatever you choose, you will always looks good as long as you feel good.

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