Female student agrees with MAXIMum Exposure editorial

I agree with the article 100 percent!!! It’s about time our culture realized what we are doing to ourselves!!!

Women expose their bodies as objects to attract men and get “what they want,” but what we as women really want is dignity and respect and someone who truly loves us.

Our bodies should be a gift presented before our husbands who “won” us.Girls are seen as trophies and prizes to a guy.So why don’t we make them work a little harder for it.

I’m so sick of the trends these days that flaunt our bodies!What does that accomplish?Well, it makes men want to have sex with us, and that’s about all.

If you ask any man, I would bet that 99 percent don’t want to have a life-long commitment to a trashy whore.The conclusion?

Men want women with dignity, class, respect, and CLOTHES!Ladies, open up your eyes to the fact that you will never get Prince Charming dressing like “woman of the night” instead of the princess you should hold yourself up as.

It isn’t entirely the girls’ fault though; our culture has gone to pot. We boast about how we treat women here.Why?We treat women like sex objects.

No wonder women in America are so insecure! If we think to attract a guy we need breasts and long legs, then what happens when we finally get a guy? There is no security that he will stick around if that’s all we have attracted him with.He will jump on the next best thing, and there will always be something better.

Women have tried to become men in this “man’s world” by acting like “casual sex” is just casual, when in our hearts we know it isn’t. We have tried to become men by working outside of the house while children go neglected and uncared for.

WOMEN! We are not men!Wake up!Men want women, not other men with breasts!Be feminine, be dignified, be smart and wear clothes, not tiny pieces of cloth!

Some women ask where all the good men have gone.Here is your answer: they left when all the real women left.Face it!Men like women who cook and clean and love kids; looks are just icing on the cake.

Grab a girl with intelligence not boobs because intelligence never starts to sag.

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