Film Review: “Just Married”

Word is spreading and people are running to local movie theaters to catch the newly released film, “Just Married.” The film stars Ashton Kutcher (“That 70’s Show”) as the sports fanatic Tom Leezak, and Brittany Murphy (“8 Mile”) as the fiery blonde newlywed, Sarah McNerney.

The film begins with what seems to be the end of the plot, but allows several flashbacks to fill in the blanks.

Right away the audience is informed with information on the characters. Sarah is a free-spirited writer whose family is as wealthy as it is snobbish. Tom is a late-night radio traffic reporter, who has trouble assimilating himself into Sarah’s world of wealth.

Much to the dismay of their friends and family, the couple quickly gets married and ventures off on what is hoped to be the best honeymoon ever.

The two end up vacationing in Italy, where most of the comedy in this movie starts and, due to a ridiculous string of bad luck, the couple experiences multiple hardships.

Without a doubt, the funny in this film takes place when the couple is in Italy. The experience with the rented car is the funniest part that stands out in my mind.

This movie is perfect to see on a date and that is why this is the former No. 1 movie in America.

Don’t be surprised if this movie climbs its way back up the charts. This film is easy to relate to, even if you are not married. If you are out to see a movie that will make you laugh, I suggest you see this film.

I am awarding this “Just Married” three out of five stars, simply because the comedy does not really begin until the couple arrives in Italy.

The movie does lack the literal content needed to win awards, and is also easy to predict at some parts of the film, but is funny.

Go check this one out!

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