Food and service need work

I would like to write in response to the two articles about TW’s Steakhouse. First off, let me agree with Shirley Baker. The food is not all that appetizing and the service leaves something to be desired. I have been to TW’s not once, but twice.

The first time that I went to the restaurant the food was definitely lacking in flavor and warmth, but most of all the service was horrible. I went with a party of six–three couples whose meal total added up to over $90.With all we were ordering, you would have thought we would have had our (non-alcoholic) drinks refilled without having to actually flag someone down at least twice for tea and water.

Not only that, but there were no plates brought out with the three different appetizers that we ordered. Even after asking, there were still no plates. There is nothing like eating a chicken wing and putting the bones back on the plate that other people are still taking food from.

After all this, we still left a mediocre tip, regardless of the fact that our waiter was unobservant of our needs. The second time we went back only because someone in my party had complained and was told we could return for free appetizers.

We waited well over 45 minutes for a table, even though 15 minutes after we had gotten there they told us our table would be ready in just minutes. Let me sum this up by saying the appetizers were mixed up so they gave us the salad that came with our meal first, then appetizers and then our food, after another mix-up, which came out cold. The butter wouldn’t even melt in the baked potatoes a few of us had gotten with our meals. Our waiter was apologetic and did offer us free drinks from the bar, so he did get a good tip. But in response to Brandon Novosad, I would like to say that I have witnessed terrible service at your restaraunt.

In my opinion, unless there is an obvious unreasonable excuse for a waiter not getting as large a tip as he deserves, nothing should be said to a customer. Ever. Obviously something was wrong with Ms. Baker’s experience, as was mine. I realize all of the burden should not be placed on the waiter if the restaraunt is slow at getting its program together.

But, if you want a good tip, you should work hard enough to where I don’t even realize there are kinks being worked out in the restaraunt. It’s a responsibility that goes with the job because the “tip” is not automatically granted.

I don’t think the people going to TW’s not being able to afford to eat there is the reason for the small tips.

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