Genocide Pictures

My opinion on abortion? It’s the man’s and woman’s choice being the baby will belong to the both of them. But that’s not why I am writing. I want to know who I need to contact to ask to never invite back the people who put up the “Genocide Pictures.” If they must come back, please reposition the display so that A) it is never next to the only food court on campus (and where I normally eat breakfast) and B) if I don’t want to look at the pictures, they wont be shoved in my face blown up to ridiculous proportions where they can be seen a half-mile away. If I wanted to raise awareness about cancer, I wouldn’t blow my grandfather’s autopsy pictures 200 times and display it next to an eatery. Can we put a fence or tall barrier around the display so that the people who want to look can walk inside and the people who don’t want to look can walk around? I’m not trying to repress our freedoms but I like to taste my breakfast only once.

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