“Graceland” 3000 miles from good

If you like Elvis, dont bother seeing 3000 Miles to Graceland. Hell, if you like good movies, dont bother seeing it either. The idea behind 3000 Miles to Graceland isnt a bad one: a group of Elvis impersonators, some more dedicated to the lifestyle than others, rob a casino. Treachery, car chases, extensive gunplay, and some utterly random situations ensue. The problem is that everything thats worth watching happens within the first thirty or forty minutes. After that, a contrived love story takes over and slowly strangles the life out of the movie.As I said, if you were planning to see this movie because you like Elvis, dont. True, there are some Elvis-related bits and pieces, but for the most part the King is reduced to a vague stylistic notion. Theres not even that many Elvis songs in the movie, which is a bad, bad mistake for a movie that so clearly bills itself as Elvis-related. 3000 Miles to Graceland has decent acting from Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell. Not good, not bad, decent. The camera work during the first thirty minutes or so (AKA the part worth watching) is fairly impressive, and the rest is pretty run of the mill. The plot becomes convoluted rapidly, but in a decidedly bad way. As for the music, see my complaint above regarding the lack of Elvis-ness. Had the King made a few more vocal appearances, things wouldve been fine. So, you see, this movie is tolerable at best.Theres really not much to say. If you do want to shell out a few bucks on this movie, make sure you leave after the casino robbery. That way, you wont feel as cheated as I did. Like Lisa Marie Presleys marriage to Michael Jackson, 3000 Miles to Graceland is just another stain on the Kings reputation.

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