Graduate School Information Night helps students move beyond the bachelor’s degree

“A bachelors degree is not the end of the road,” said Dr Bernice Strauss, director of academic support programs.

SHSU offers a program called “Graduate School Information Night” to help prepare interested students for graduate school. At “Graduate School Information Night” students get answers to questions about financial aid, the admissions process, life as a graduate student, the graduate record exam and many other things. “I would just encourage students to go, it would be beneficial,” said Jennifer Cooley, junior.

According SHSU’s The Lounge website, Strauss said, “The GRE (graduate record exam) is like the SAT’s for graduates.”

“It is the standard requirement test for students attending graduate school. The exemption is for those students entering medicine, business and law fields.” According to Strauss students in that category require a different entrance exam.

“Graduate School Information Night” is offered twice a semester and one program was already held on Monday at 5 p.m. in AB4 in Room 210. Strauss said the program was organized by Edwina Reece, a graduate student and a doctoral student in forensic psychology.

The Lounge webpage also noted that SHSU offers a GRE preparation workshop. It went on to say last month 15 students that met requirements and who were serious about the program participated in the workshop free of charge, but had to sign a contract binding them to all eight sessions of the workshop.

The second “Graduate School Information Night” is already in preparation but a specific date and time has not been set. For more information about the upcoming “Graduate School Information Night,” contact Dr. Bernice Strauss at 294-4455. Students can also obtain information from the Sam Center located in AB 4 Room 210.

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