Graduating senior angry with notification

I do not know whether people were scared, they just did not care, or maybe they were unsure if they alone could make a difference. Well, quite frankly I am a little ticked about the change in the May graduation. Not one Letter to the Editor has been published but it is likely the Houstonian has not received any, so I am writing today to express my feelings. I, along with I’m sure many others, want to know why? Why is it we, students, finally achieve the goal of calling ourselves seniors and are allowed to express to everyone we meet, the happiness running through us. The day has come and the date is in sight. We couldn’t have achieved such a goal without the administration stepping in just a little of the way. Let me explain myself. I understand what the administration is trying to do. The whole idea would be completely fine except for one thing: notification. The timing of this could not be any worse and for that, I give the persons over this a big fat F. They failed; they failed the student body. Is there not a Calendar Committee that assigns these dates? Or was it disregarded? Faculty and staff please believe we, as seniors, might tend to take school a little more serious. It is basically our time to make it or break it. We do one other big thing a lot of other college students tend to do: we stop procrastinating! Unlike the administration, we plan ahead. Personally after my last final last year, I was just so happy to be a senior. I wanted to tell everyone. May 10, 2003, was a date already tattooed in my mind. This is why this date has become so inconvenient. Some people have planned things and all the university has to say is “things happen.” The argument of the graduation change is not the issue, but the administration’s failure to communicate with the student body and inform them of the later date. Although my personal plans for graduation are not critical and will only require minor changes, what about others? There are several people who have made plans. Some people have jobs lined up to start the Monday morning after graduation, and what about those living on campus? Is the administration going to pay to accommodate those living in residence halls? My message to the administration is this: students are not as unorganized as many might lead you to believe. Those graduating have made and accomplished a commitment. You hand out a syllabus at the very beginning of the semester and sometimes things can get hectic if not followed to a “T”. Well, our year-long syllabus has been adjusted half way through the fall semester and everything is starting to fall out of place, and some might not be able to adapt. To the students not graduating, you probably do not care; just be careful. Join an organization that will keep you in the mix. SGA is a great way to get your voice heard. When something is changed, the administration will let you know that they are sorry and everything will not fit with everyone’s schedule. Be part of something where you can express your questions with the university and make a difference.

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