Great reporting but huh?

My girlfriend attends your school and I plan to soon, so I like to check in and see what goes on up there with her. but she pointed out a quote on your home page today that has troubled me…..”White people have a great obligation to us, and don’t tell me they are not responsible for what their ancestors did to us.”(Quanell X)Well, I must say congratulations to Mr. X and the entire generation before “OURS” for keeping racism alive. Look at our generation, for the vast majority, we don’t care about race and I think we are blending very well. I just hope that ,since I was thinking of transferring up there, that this doesn’t signify a campus full of student segregation and racism…especially since Mr. X was INVITED to speak there. No matter what color, I just don’t believe a school should approve a speaker that is trying to topple all the work that Dr. King and others have accomplished towards equality. I have been on the receiving end of racism and its violence and it won’t be going away until people are properly educated; that would be the part of the media and schools, and this, hopefully, will leave racism as a history lesson taught from the times of the uncivilized era of American history.

At least Meeink’s speech was a great step in the right direction. He has made life better for all races through programs that encourage ALL to play together. Like any other, I do appreciate the other viewpoint. But the other is not a viewpoint…just a message of hate and racism that should not be fed by a campus meant to educate.

Your information is very appreciated here in Houston and I know from my girlfriend. As I’m sure you have recieved many letters from other students, I was just curious to how this has affected the campus, if there has been any? And how does a newsletter respond to a racist outlash of such harsh language towards students paying tuition to hear this?

Thank you

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