Guide for guy gifts

Well, its Christmas time again, meaning its also time to start looking for gifts. I hate this. Not because I mind spending money…that isnt the issue. Really, the issue is with what to buy. Im always clueless, and I know most people are also clueless . Guys are kind of hard to buy for, especially since the Playstation 2 is nearly impossible to get now. You have to find a gift that isnt too cutesy and not too dull either. A delicate balance, but not impossible to achieve. This is why I present for you now a list of strange gifts for guys I found just poking around the Internet. Most of these are $100 and under, so they wont put much of a strain on the pocketbook. If you like the guy, get him something useful. For a smoker, I suggest something like the Inatome Windproof Lighter ($75.00). For the retro fellow, perhaps a straight razor from or a Public Service Snack Box ($7.95), which is basically an adult version of the old school metal lunchbox we all grew up with. If youre looking for something more outdoorsy, try the Eye-Fo Frisbee ($18.50), which has a built-in feature that allows you to project a message up to eight characters as it flies. Pick a fave profanity and youre good to go. One of my favorite things I found was the Tailgator gas-powered blender. At $359, its pricey, but its so cool. Imagine being able to make drinks anytime, anywhere! As long as theres gas in it… The computer geek on your list should get the SexyMouse ($24.95). If youve never seen one, its basically shaped like a female torso. Perfect for porn surfing. Paranoid types might like the Spy Camera Teddy Bear ($119.99)…no one ever suspects the teddy bear. And if that bear happens to capture a girlfriend in the act of cheating, any number of books on practical revenge from Paladin Press ( would make for fine stocking stuffers. If youre looking to give the guy on your list alcohol poisoning, give him the 1/2 Yard Ale Glass ($30.00). Hell love it. If you hate the guy on your list, give him the Dancing Christmas Flamingo ($25.99). Yes, you read that right. Check it out here: Most of these things Ive listed here can be at

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