His father didn’t like that he was dating a black woman

My skin color has never been a problem for me until last week.

Throughout my 22 years, I’ve heard stories of discrimination and met victims, but somehow, have managed to evade prejudice…that is, until my boyfriend broke up with me. I knew his father disagreed with our interracial relationship, but I hadn’t known he’d end it on account of his father’s views. I am offended. I’m angry and hurt. How can ignorance still be so rampant?

My boyfriend claimed to be “colorblind,” and I believed him. What’s hard to believe is that he’s related to his father. I’d met the man only once; I even shook his hand. He seemed polite, he was friendly enough.

Later, I found out he was just being nice and that he didn’t like black people. Well, actually, blacks are okay just as long as they weren’t dating his son. The thing is, his father doesn’t even know me. We met once, which isn’t enough time to make accurate assumptions.

It’s sad, really. There is nothing I can do to change his mind.

I’ve never been in a situation my brain couldn’t get me out of. In this case, it would be useless. His father can’t take his eyes off my skin long enough to realize I have a brain.

It’s unfortunate, but I will never get the chance to show his father who I am. He would have liked me, and I loved his son. I am a good person, I work hard to promote diversity, and I appreciate the multiculture of America. Why can’t we all feel the same? Why must good relationships end for ignorance? The pain of our breakup will pass, but I will always wonder…what if?

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